Total Precast

We make it a priority to reduce the risk, time spent, the confusion, the effort and the worry. Our one-stop-shop – our total on-site solution from planning to finishing gives more professionalism and confidence to our clients confirming they have made the best, simplest and smartest choice representing greater value.
Using precast concrete is a faster solution to complete projects, however that speed advantage reduces when dealing with multiple sub-contractors who lack coordination and timely execution. With Total Precast you will work solely with one organised and cohesive team who are motivated by integrity and professionalism.  By continuously eliminating complexity our total site solution ensures to provide results of the highest standard. Our total site solution offers:

·      Planning
·       Site Analysis
·       Survey & Mark out
·       Estimation/ Lump Sum Pricing
·       Erection – Including Crane Hire
·       Brace Hire
·       Caulking
·       Patching
·       Grouting

By working with a single team to complete a project it creates time and space for you to focus on other aspects of your project. Simply put, we provide the end-to-end solution in precast installation including our finishing services which emphasize our one-stop-shop philosophy and the ability to complete projects faster due to our highly coordinated approach.

We are the bridge between manufacturer and client. The manufacturer focuses on the production of the precast concrete walls and you, as the client, will focus on overseeing the project without the worry of dealing with multiple sub-contractors. Cost savings, efficiency and a seamless project process is the direct result of our total site solution.

Contact us today if you’re aiming for a more efficient and economical way of installing precast concrete panels. Our aim here at Total Precast is to make the entire process a lot smoother by providing end-to-end solutions.